Percy Grainger Wind Band Festival

2019 Percy Grainger Festival Update:

As you may have heard, the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is on strike and because the Percy Grainger Wind Band Festival is scheduled to be held in Orchestra Hall, our concert performance in this venue has been affected. Orchestra Hall is a union house associated with the CSO so all stagehands, electricians, engineers and other personnel required to run events in this venue will not cross the picket line, therefore the hall has officially announced that the hall will be shut-down through Monday, March 25th even if an agreement is reached within the week.

Please be aware we have been working very closely with the stage manager of Orchestra Hall since the strike began, who attended the negotiations and has been giving us updates in real time. As a result Music Celebrations International has already created a contingency plan for the concert performance. Clinics with Dr. Mallory Thompson are not affected in any way and will continue as planned.

We are excited to announce that we have been able to secure the stunning Studebaker Theater as the location for the 10th Annual Festival so it may continue to move forward as a quality event for your ensembles to honor Percy Grainger. The Studebaker Theater which is inside the Chicago Fine Arts Building is located just two blocks south of Orchestra Hall. This beautiful, historic building was constructed in 1898 and was known as an important live theater venue, hosting celebrities such as Bob Hope, Peter O’Toole, and Vincent Price. In 2009, the Theater underwent extensive renovations to update and restore the venue, reopening in 2016 for live performances. The hall continues to be a well-known venue for the performing arts.

Link to Studebaker Theater Gallery:

The annual Percy Grainger Wind Band Festival features four outstanding wind ensembles conducting standalone performances of Percy Grainger literature in an afternoon matinee performance in Chicago’s Historic Orchestra Hall at Symphony Center.

2018 Festival Highlights


2019 Festival Dates

March 22-23, 2019

2020 Festival Dates

April 3-4, 2020